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The Amazing Race is different from other reality shows in that it does not take place in a single dwelling or even a single city, but all around the world. CBS began airing The Amazing Race in 2001 and it has completed elevent seasons and Season 12 is in progress.

The Amazing Race features teams of two people (although there was a family season of four members) that race around the world, with the first team to reach the final destination winning a $1,000,000 prize. Starting in a city in the United States, the teams race around the world searching for clues that lead them to the next checkpoint. Like other reality shows such as Survivor and Big Brother, teams are eliminated. This elimination is normally based on the last team to arrive at a specified pit stop (the final destination of that particular leg). The route markers are used so the participants know where to go next. The route markers are often attached to boxes that contain clues. The clues may contain only the destination of their next stop, but it may also list:

The teams consisted of any two individuals including married couples, siblings, parents and children, friends, or simply romantic partners (both gay and straight). A couple of teams were even those that married but separated or were formerly dating. Season 8 was the family edition, in which there were four family members and the contestant age was dropped to 8.

At the beginning of each race, each team receives an allowance, which can vary from leg to leg in their journey. The allowance must be used for all expenses such as traveling, lodging, food, etc. Participants do use a credit card for airline tickets, but that is the only exception. Sometimes it can be just one dollar, making the team rely on their wits to get them from place to place or earn money. They can beg for money, sell possessions, or even borrow money from other teams.

Last Eliminated from the Amazing Race** The Winners for Season 12 are Rachel Rosales & TK Erwin.

Season 12

Team Eliminated
Ari Bonas & Staella Gianakakos (Best Friends) Week 1
Kate Lewis & Pat Henderson (Married Lesbian Ministers) Week 2
Marianna & Julia Ruiz (Sisters) Week 3
Lorena Segura & Jason Widener (Dating) Week 4
Shana Hall & Jennifer McCall (Friends) Week 5
Azaria & Hendekea Azene (Brother/Sister) Week 6
Kynt Cothron & Vyxsin Fiala (Dating) Week 8
Nathan Hagstrom & Jennifer Parker (Dating ) Week 10
Ronald & Christina Hsu (Father/Daughter) Eliminated Week 11
Donald Jerousek and Nicolas Fulks (Grandson/Grandfather) Eliminated Week 11
Rachel Rosales & TK Erwin (Dating) Winners of Season 12

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Amazing Race: Cathi and Bill are Eliminated
Posted: 27 Nov 2011
The last “Amazing Race” showed Amani and Marcus showing up in first place, then being told the next leg of the race started immediately.  The teams had to drive to the Ford Proving Ground for their next clue. Ernie and Cindy came in second and Jeremy and Sandy came in third.  Tommy and Andy finally […]

Amazing Race: The Next Leg Starts Now
Posted: 22 Nov 2011
The remaining five “Amazing Race” teams had to drive to the statue of famed author Hans Christian Andersen.  Once there, they found a Roadblock.  One team member had to memorize one of his poems, bike to a theater, and perform that poem before a critic.  If they forgot words or weren’t dramatic enough, they had […]

Amazing Race: Laurence and Zac are Eliminated
Posted: 16 Nov 2011
The “Amazing Race” teams went from Thailand to Copenhagen, Denmark.  Laurence and Zac took a different flight that got them to Copenhagen first.  Amani and Marcus took it easy, sleeping while everyone else was traveling.  But, it didn’t really put them far behind. Once in Copenhagen, they drove to Vor Frelsers Kirke to a bell […]

Amazing Race: Jennifer and Justin are Eliminated
Posted: 7 Nov 2011
The remaining seven “Amazing Race” teams spent the night in huts, and then set off on a two hour bus tour to Salima.  We learned Justin came out to Jennifer a couple of years ago and it made them closer. Once in Salima, Amani and Marcus had to perform a Speed Bump.  They had to […]

Season 11 - All Stars

This All Star version included teams from Season 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 10 including Season 7 winners Uchenna & Joyce and newly formed team Eric & Danielle from Season 9. The race finished in San Francisco with Eric & Danielle being named the winners.

Season 10

New rules were implemented in Season 10 - the Intersection and Marked for Elimination. Rob and Kimberly finished second to male models Tyler and James as the teams circumnavigated the glove in a westward fashion from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean.

Season 9 Amazing Race

Back to teams of two, season 9 just finished up in May of 2006. The winners, B.J. & Tyler, raced through such countries as Italy, Oman, and Japan before reaching the finish line in Denver.

The Amazing Race starts season 10 in September 2006 and promises to be just as exciting as previous seasons.

Season 8 Amazing Race

There were only 10 teams in this family season. Because teams did consist of families, they did not travel outside of North or Central America and the challenges were easier. The Linz Family won this season of The Amazing Race.

Season 7 Amazing Race

Uchenna & Joyce were the winners of season 5, with The Amazing Race going to new countries such as Botswana, Turkey, and Jamaica. The race ended in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Season 6 Amazing Race

A limit of six roadblocks per teammate was set for this season, forcing the team members to split them equally. Teams traveled through Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Senegal, Germany, Hungary, France, Ethiopia, Sri Lanka, and China before returning back to the US where Freddy & Kendra were crowned the winners.

Season 5 Amazing Race

Beginning in season 5, teams were penalized (forced to give up their money and weren't given any for the next leg) for finishing last in a leg that didn't include elimination. This season the teams traveled such locations as Russia, Egypt, Tanzania, and the Philippines. Chip & Kim were announced as the winners in Dallas.

Season 4 Amazing Race

Again traveling to such countries as France, India, Australia and even South Korea this time, Reichen & Chip, a gay couple, were the winners.

Season 3 Amazing Race

This season took the teams to the United Kingdon, Mexico, Portugal, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, and Vietnam. When they finally returned back to the United States (Seattle), Flo & Zach were crowned the winners.

Season 2 Amazing Race

Season 2's race went through Brazil, South Africa, Namibia, Thailand, China, Australia, and New Zealand before heading back to California. In the closest finish in the series history, Chris and Alex beat Tara and Wil.

Season 1 Amazing Race

Season 1 saw Nancy and Emily receive a large penalty of 24 hours when the voluntarily quit a detour. That has not happened in any season since. In season 1, the teams raced from the United States to such countries as Zambia, Tunisia, Thailand, and China. It ended in New York City with Rob and Brennan barely beating Frank and Margarita.

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The Amazing Race

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