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The competition series American Gladiator dates all the way back to 1989, but the new NBC version offers not the just the original test of strength and agility, but also extra glitz and glam. The show was revived by NBC in 2008 and proved to be a hit in the ratings. The show is hosted by Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali.

The show follows a tournament format, where contenders try to win their night, and then compete against the other winners in the finale. The competitors compete against the "gladiators" and each other in a series of events. The males always compete against other males (including male gladiators) and the females always compete against other females. The events award points to the competitor for beating or at least fending off his or her gladiator opponent. The number of points determines if the contestant gets a timed head start over the other opponent in the final event, the Eliminator. The contestant that finishes the Eliminator in the shortest amount of time is deemed the winner.

Through the years since the show's inception, there have been a number of events, but the events on the current series are Assault, Powerball, Joust, Earthquake, The Wall, Atlasphere, Hang Tough, Sky Track, Sideswipe, Tilt, Vertigo, Gauntlet, Hit & Run, Pyramid, Rocketball, and Snapback. However, the show always ends with the Eliminator. The events test the competitor's strength, speed, agility, and endurance.

Season 3 Gladiators

The female gladiators are:

The male gladiators are:

American Gladiator Recaps

American Gladiators: Ally and Tim Win!
Posted: 4 Aug 2008
Tonight, the last two finalists had to be determined before the finals. It was Randee vs. Mike and Abbe vs. Annie. The girls scored big on Rocketball, but failed to get any points on Joust. Abbe got 5 points on the Gauntlet, but Annie ended up with enough points to have a 3 ½ second […]

American Gladiators: Tiffaney and James Advance
Posted: 29 Jul 2008
This week’s American Gladiators had to contain the craziest Eliminator ever for the guys. The contenders were newlywed Jeff and James (who had lost 65 pounds). For the women, it was twin Lillian and tiny Tiffaney (5’ 1”). The women didn’t score many points on the events. Both were shut out on Pyramid, Hang Tough, […]

American Gladiators: Tim and Ally Advance
Posted: 23 Jul 2008
This week on American Gladiators, it was Tim and Alexander for the guys and Ally and Vanessa for the girls. Unfortunately, Alexander dislocated his finger again and only made it through about half the show. He was replaced by Brick. But, Brick went scoreless in the last three events and Tim had a 3 second […]

American Gladiators: The Final 10 Are Chosen
Posted: 14 Jul 2008
Tonight was the last night to get into the semi-finals. For the girls, it was the college student Adriana versus Tatum, the advertising sales rep whose last name just happened to be Yount, as in Robin. I assumed he was either her dad or uncle as a baseball Hall of Famer in the family was […]

Season 2 Gladiators

Season 2 grew to include 40 total contestants. Of those 40, the six men and six women with the fastest Eliminator times will compete in the semifinals. The winners of Season 2 will also receive $100,000 and a 2008 Toyota Sequoia. There has been no mention as to them becoming gladiators in Season 3.

Season 1 Gladiators

Season 1 saw 24 contenders - 12 male and 12 female. Those 24 were narrowed down to the winners 6 men and 6 women. Of those 12, the four in each category with the fastest winning times on the Eliminator were sent to the Final 8. For the men, Evan Dollard proved victorious. The women's champ was Monica Carlson. Both won $100,000 in cash, a 2008 Toyota Sequoia, and the right to be in Season 2 as gladiators.

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