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Big Brother Australia began broadcasting in 2001. Just like the American version, Big Brother Australia put contestants in a house to live in isolation for a period of time. Their movements and interactions are filmed 24 hours a day with highlights featured on the show. Each week, a houseguest is eliminated and the final houseguest wins a monetary prize (which has varied depending on the season, with the lowest amount being AUD$250,000).

Houseguests cannot discuss with each other who they have or will nominate. Breaking the rules at one point caused the houseguests to be fined, which decreased the final prize. Unlike the American version, the Australian version of Big Brother has "intruders" - new housemates that are added to stir things up or change the house somehow. They can win the big prize, but most don't last very long. Also unlike the American version, houseguests are evicted by viewer votes.

Until this season, Gretel Killeen was the host, but this year, she was replaced by radio hosts Kyle Sandilands and Jackie O.

Season Nine

In Season 9, fans were allowed to vote houseguests into the house. The houseguests are:

This season is still in progress, but so far, Michael, Barney, Saxon, and Travis have been evicted.

Season Eight

In Season 8, the houseguests stated with no prize money - they had to earn prize money by completing tasks. All the staple foods in the house were vegan. The houseguests were:

There was also a relationship between Hayley and Andrew that they had to keep secret. Her former boyfriend, Billy was also in the house. The eventual winner was Aleisha with Zach coming in as the runner up.

Season Seven

Season 7 featured a Punishment Room for rulebreakers and a mother/daughter duo. The houseguests were:

Controversy surrounded Season 7 when John held down Camilla on her bed while Ashley stuck his crotch in her face. John and Ashley were evicted. The eventual winner was Jamie with Camilla coming in as the runner up.

Season Six

In Season 6, the producers were searching for sexy singles for the show. It featured two twins, Greg and David who entered the house as one person named Logan. Two houseguests were immediately eliminated - Constance and Nelson - after admitting they were in a relationship. Dean was threatened with disqualification for being in a relationship, but was not asked to leave. The houseguests were:

The eventual winner was the twins Greg and David with Tim coming in as the runner up.

Season Five

Season 5 began introducing fines to houseguests who violated house rules. The fines were $5,000 each and were reduced from the grand prize of AUD$1,000,000. The houseguests were:

Highlights of the show were when Merlin taped his mouth at his eviction and held up a sign that read "Free th Refugees" (the "e" had fallen off) in reference to the government's policy on mandatory detention for asylum seekers and Bree's eviction, due to a vote counting error. The eventual winner was Trevor with Bree coming in as the runner up.

Season Four

Season 4 was a bit complicated in that it started out with the houseguests in two separate houses. On Night 22, the two houses were merged. The houseguests were:

One controversy of the season was "Belindagate" in which a drunken Belinda told Carlo that her younger sibling had been involved in the murder of a gay man. The eventual winner was Regina with Crissie coming in as the runner up.

Season Three

Season 3 was a celebrity edition of Big Brother. The houseguests were:

Warwick was removed from the show for exposing himself to the Kimberly. The eventual winner was Dylan with Jay coming in as the runner up.

Season Two

In Season 2, the houseguests were:

The eventual winner was Peter with Marty coming in as the runner up.

Season One

In Season 1, the houseguests were:

Highlights included a romance between Christina and Peter and Andy talking about her sexual encounters. The eventual winner was Ben with Blair coming in as the runner up.

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