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Beauty and the Geek

Beauty and the Geek is a reality show that first aired on The WB network in the summer of 2005. The show has been billed as "The Ultimate Social Experiment." Actor Ashton Kutcher is one of the producers of the show. During each season eight beautiful and popular women and eight geeks (who are young men who have had to rely on their intellect for most of their life) are featured on the show. Each geek is paired up with a beauty, and the couples compete for the grand prize of $250,000. Other prizes may be given out as well. The contestants live together in a luxurious home.

Beauty and the Geek has been popular because the show features cast members that form a dichotomy, a complete separation of personalities and interests. The show also plays somewhat on the stereotypes that have been created regarding beautiful women and highly intelligent men, though this has not hurt the success of the show. The show also has an appeal among audiences because it is commonly thought that these women would never associate with "geeks" under normal circumstances, while this may or may not be the case.

Season Three of Beauty and the Geek

The professions of the contestants from season three ranged from a sorority girl to Niels Hoven, who made a perfect score on the SAT. This season also featured a Playboy model (Megan Hauserman). Like season two, season three also featured a graduate from MIT. It should also be noted that this series did not eliminate anyone during the first week, which was the same for season two. The format for the show remained largely the same, though the challenges were completely different. The first challenge required the beauties to perform a library search, while the geeks had to perform a social challenge. The winners of season four were Megan and Scooter, and the first couple to be eliminated was Sanjay and Tori.

Season Two of Beauty and the Geek

Season two of Beauty and the Geek also had a diverse cast in terms of careers. It ranged from a hairstylist to a graduate of MIT. Unlike season one, there were no eliminations during the first week, and this made it distinct. In the second week, Amanda and Brandon were the first to be eliminated, and the winners were Cher and Josh. The activities in season two ranged from shopping (geeks) to assembling a computer (beauties).

Season One of Beauty and the Geek

During the first season, the beauties and the geeks were given challenges which went against their normally interests or skill sets. For example, the first challenge for the geeks was to participate in a dance contest , and the beauties had to participate in a spelling bee. Week after week, these challenges would continue, and couples were eliminated rather than individual people. The first couple to be eliminated in season one was Cheryl and Eric, and the winners were Caitlin and Chuck. The professions from season one were very diverse, and it ranged from a waitress to a member of Mensa.

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