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"The Apprentice" has been on the air for six seasons, but the upcoming seventh season will feature a twist - celebrities! "Celebrity Apprentice" will feature celebrity candidates living in the Trump International Hotel and Tower.

The judges this season will be George Ross, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. Jim Cramer and Mark Cuban will also appear as guest boardroom judges for at least one episode. The winner will earn the title of "Best Business Brain" and donate the proceeds of his or her win to charity.

The celebrities participating in this special season of The Apprentice are: country music singer Trace Adkins, model/actress Carol Alt, actor Stephen Baldwin, gymnast Nadia Comaneci, playmate Tiffany Fallon, softball gold medalist Jennie Finch, entrepreneur Nely Galan, actress Marilu Henner, retired professional boxer Lennox Lewis, journalist and reality television judge Piers Morgan, reality television personality Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, mixed martial arts fighter Tito Ortiz, actor Vincent Pastore, and KISS guitarist Gene Simmons.

"Celebrity Apprentice" will be filmed in New York and premiere on NBC on January 3, 2008.

Latest Celebrity Apprentice Recaps and News

Celebrity Apprentice: John Wins!
Posted: 22 May 2011
It was the second half of the “Celebrity Apprentice” finale.  The meeting of John with Def Leppard went as well as you could expect between a country guy and a rock band.  Marlee felt frustrated with the final push of getting ready.  Team Marlee worked out the kinks with Geoffrey to get him in the […]

Celebrity Appentice: Lil Jon and Meat Loaf are Fired
Posted: 15 May 2011
At the beginning of “Celebrity Apprentice,” Trump brought back three heavy hitters – Bret Michaels, Joan Rivers, and Piers Morgan.  All three had won previous seasons of “Celebrity Apprentice” and would interview the remaining four.  Two contestants would be fired after the interviews and the others would become the final two. Trump decided to fire […]

Celebrity Apprentice: La Toya and Star are Fired, NeNe Quits
Posted: 9 May 2011
This week’s “Celebrity Apprentice” certainly unloaded a lot of spare baggage – literally. First out was NeNe.  She stood up against Star, but when Trump decided to switch her to the guy’s team, she bugged out.  Just up and left, saying Trump had catered to Star.  He fired her and Trump told her Star kicked […]

Celebrity Apprentice: Holly is Fired
Posted: 3 May 2011
Last night’s “Celebrity Apprentice” was interrupted by the news that Osama Bin Laden had been found and killed, but there was still plenty of drama on the show. The challenge was for the teams to produce a hair show, highlighting the products from BioSilk and Chi.  They would have two stylists and four models to […]

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