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"Hammertime" is an A&E reality show that follows the day to day life of one of the first mainstream pop rappers, MC Hammer (also known as Stanley Kirk Burrell). Hammer, his family, and friends live in Tracy, California. "Hammertime" premiered on A&E on June 14, 2009, with Hammer serving as executive producer. "Hammertime" is not Hammer's first venture into reality. He was also on the first season of "The Surreal Life" and was featured on VH1's "I Married…MC Hammer."

Joining Hammer in the series is his wife of 24 years, Stephanie, who has been with him through both his career highs and lows. It is estimated that Hammer earned around $33 million dollars early on in his career. Hits like "U Can't Touch This" and "Too Legit to Quit" rocketed him to the top of the charts. Fans also loved his flashy wardrobes and smooth dancing. His dance move, Hammer Dance (also known as the Typewriter) became an overnight sensation. At the height of his career, you could find Hammer's image on lunchboxes, MC Hammer dolls (made by Mattel), and other items. He even had his own cartoon, "Hammerman."

But, by the late '90s, gangster rap began to replace the pop rap that dominated the airwaves earlier in the decade. Hammer was very benevolent with his fortune and by 1996, all the money was gone and he had to declare bankruptcy. The family has spent the last 17 years trying to adjust to a middle class lifestyle.

Hammer began the slow climb back up the ladder of fame, becoming a preacher in the late '90s, officiating "The Surreal Life" costars Corey Feldman and Vince Neil's individual weddings. Hammer has also served as a television host, dance judge, record label CEO, and co-creator or DanceJam, a community site which features dance videos.

Joining Hammer and Stephanie in the show are their five children: A'keiba (who is in college) , 16 year old Sarah, 13 year old Stanley Jr. (Booby), 11 year old Jeremiah, and 4 year old Sammy. Hammer and Stephanie have also been raising their nephew Jamaris since he was 10 years old. Also joining the cast is Cousin Marv.

Hammertime Recaps and News

Hammertime: Teaching the Kids to Give
Posted: 19 Jul 2009
The newest “Hammertime” episode started with Hammer, Jeremiah, and Stephanie going to a charity auction for Relief, Inc. I felt sorry for Hammer when his framed photograph only went for $50, but Stephanie helped the contribution by paying $300 for a peddle car for Sammy. However, both Hammer and Stephanie felt the kids were spoiled. […]

Hammertime: The Las Vegas Show Dream Comes True
Posted: 19 Jul 2009
It was hot in Tracy and the “Hammertime” kids wanted a pool put in. Hammer said no, but when Booby was doing Dance Dance Revolution then mentioned that he was better at dancing then Hammer, a bet was made. They got Marv to videotape their dancing and put it online for the fans to vote. […]

Hammertime: Finding Mama a House
Posted: 13 Jul 2009
This week was two new episodes of “Hammertime.” Now that Hammer had mama back in Tracy, he had to find her a house. Unfortunately for Hammer, mama had a lot of requirements. They though they had found the perfect house, but it had a pool and mama said no because of the grand kids. My […]

Hammertime: Mama’s 70th Birthday
Posted: 13 Jul 2009
Hammer took the entire “Hammertime” family plus the crew from his Full Blast record label to Las Vegas to celebrate his mom’s 70th birthday. At the party, which included other extended family and friends, Hammer surprised him mom by saying his present to her was to move her back to the Bay Area and closer […]

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