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Latest Eliminated on Hell's KitchenThe latest to be sent home on Hell's Kitchen was Corey.

"Hell's Kitchen" is a cooking reality show that airs on Fox. It debuted in May 2005 and the show is based on the original UK show of the same name. It is now in its fourth season. To go along with the Hell idea, the theme song for the show is "Fire" by the Ohio Players.

Hell's Kitchen Contestants
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"Hell's Kitchen" is presided over by Chef Gordon Ramsay. Gordon Ramsay has won twelve Michelin stars. Ramsay is one of only three UK chefs whose restaurant is currently rated at three Michelin stars. He has a reputation of a desire for culinary perfection. Joining chef Ramsay on the show is maitre d' Jean-Phillipe Susilovic.

The show takes the contestants and divides them up into two teams until the remaining number of contestants is small enough to form just one team, then the players compete as individuals. In each episode, there is a team or individual challenge. Each team has an assigned sous chef. Chefs must prepare the food to perfection to meet Chef Ramsay's approval. He has been known to throw dishes across the room and spit out food he does not like. He also has forced players to sit out of the competition if he feels they are not performing well. Winners may get rewarded while losers often have to perform kitchen duties, although there have been times when the service and food was deemed so terrible, there was no winner chosen.

The best chef on the losing team gets to pick two of his fellow teammates to nominate for elimination. In season 2 and the current season, the teams are divided up into the males and females, with each team picking a captain. The captain of the losing team is the person that must nominate two other chefs for elimination. Chefs nominated are allowed to plead for their survival on the show, but it is Chef Ramsay who has the final say so in who leaves.

The show is taped in Los Angeles and it contains frequent profanity outbursts (which are bleeped by the network) by Chef Ramsay. There are versions of "Hell's Kitchen" that air in Australia, the United Kingdon, New Zealand, Canada, Norway, Finland, Korea, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Brazil, all of which are uncensored.

So far, there have only been three chefs to survive the American version of "Hell's Kitchen." Michael Wray won season 1 with, Ralph Pagano named as the runner-up. For season 2, which divided the teams into males and females, the winner was Heather West, who, as the winner was named the Senior Chef at Terra Rossa Restaurant at the Red Rock Resort and Spa in Las Vegas. Virginia Dalbeck was the runner-up for season 2. The third season of "Hell's Kitchen" was won by Rahman "Rock" Harper, who won the Head Chef position at the Terra Verde Restaurant at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Spa in Henderson, Nevada. The runner-up for season 3 was Bonnie Muirhead.

The winner of season 4 will get to be the executive chef at Chef Ramsay's newest restaurant in Los Angeles, London.

Season 4 Contestants

Contestant Age Hometown Sent Home
Corey 25 Brooklyn, NY Week 13
Jen 24 Chicago, IL Week 12
Bobby 37 Niagara Falls, NY Week 11
Matt 35 Pinehill, NJ Week 10
Laross 24 Las Vegas, NV Week 9
Rosann 33 Staten Island, NY Week 8
Ben 29 Charlotte, NC Week 7
Shayna 28 Buffalo, NY Week 6
Vanessa 31 Bozeman, MT Week 5
Craig 30 Coram, NY Week 4
Jason 29 Las Vegas, NV Week 3
Sharon 31 Las Vegas, NV Week 2
Dominic 43 Catawba, SC Week 1
Christina 25 St. Louis, MO  
Petrozza 47 Charlotte, NC  

Latest Hell's Kitchen Results and News

Hell’s Kitchen: Nona Wins!
Posted: 15 Dec 2010
The “Hell’s Kitchen” finale was a throwdown between Russell and Nona.  Chef Ramsay told them to plan their menus then the next day, he took then on a helicopter ride to the top of the LA Market building.  Chef Ramsay let them think they had to parachute off the building, but they actually took the […]

Hell’s Kitchen: Russell and Nona are in the Finale
Posted: 8 Dec 2010
After sending none of the “Hell’s Kitchen“chefs home last week, this week, two would be cut. The challenge was to come up with a fusion dish. The chefs chose countries – Jillian got Greece and Italy, Nona got Spain and Thailand, Russell got France and India, and Trev got China and Mexico. Jillian was freaking […]

Hell’s Kitchen: Gail Leaves
Posted: 24 Nov 2010
This week’s “Hell’s Kitchen” continued from last week when Sabrina was sent home.  The challenge this week was to make a signature lunch.  The twist was the remaining chefs had to do it in a food truck.  They had one hour to fix 80 servings. I don’t know what Russell was thinking – he cooked […]

Hell’s Kitchen: Sabrina Leaves
Posted: 17 Nov 2010
It was the first “Hell’s Kitchen” individual challenge and the chefs had to create an amuse bouche.  Five chef/owners were the judges and chefs could earn up to 100 points.  Gail was way in the lead with 87 points until Russell pulled off a perfect 100.  Trev came up short with his frog legs and […]

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