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High School Confidential

High School Confidential is a documentary series that follows the lives of twelve girls in the town of Overland Park, Kansas. It starts out documenting them as freshman in high school (2002) and shows the challenges they meet and the changes they make through their senior year (2006).

Jessi - suicidal thoughts

Jessi's family is like many today - a stepfamily. She does not get along with her stepsister, who is her same age. Her family lives in a lake house and she loves to ride the Jet Ski. She has taken acting classes for seven years, has appeared in many plays, and enjoys singing in the choir. She also volunteers at the maternity ward of the Olathe Medical Canter. She also loves animals and she is being tutored in French.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she says being with friends, making new friends, being in activities, having more freedom, and meeting new teachers. She fears that she won't do well in her classes.

Allyson - coping with parent's death

Allyson is coping with the death of her parents, something that is especially hard during the high school years. She is confused and doesn't know where she is going, but is determined. She loves dancing, writing, and singing.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said everything, from boys to parties. Her greatest fear is being afraid she will fail to achieve her dreams.

Cappie - the party girl

Cappie gets involved with partying early in high school. She lives with her mother and sister and occasionally gets to see her dad, who has a new family. She loves to travel.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said meeting new people and starting a new phase in life, from boys to parties. Her greatest fear is not getting good grades.

Crystle - raising herself

Crystle was born in Egypt and she has lived in many places around the world. She plays the flute, drums, and piano and she loves to read. Her parents live in a different country and they will only partially pay for college, so she knows that she has to do well in high school to earn scholarships.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said everything including more independence. Her greatest fear is being hated by the teachers.

Sara N. - soon to be married

Sara N. likes to have fun and make people laugh. She plays soccer, swims, and plays the piano and guitar. She tries to accept others as they are as long as they are being themselves. Her culture doesn't approve of casual dating, so she and her boyfriend are planning their wedding.

Her greatest fear for high school is being stuffed in a locker or having rumors spread about her.

Lauren B. - the smart kid

Lauren values education and is very involved in her church. She has never done any teen behaviors such as smoked, done drugs, tried alcohol, or had sex. She plays the violin and only listens to classical music, as she doesn't "get" today's music.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said choosing her own classes.

Gina - the best friend

Gina lives with her parents, older brother, and a cat named Meisha. She loves art and making videos. She plays softball and loves to dance. She considers herself a little shy, but outgoing once you get to know her.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said meeting new people and learning to drive.

Beth - trying to find herself

Beth was home schooled until 3rd grade, then attended a Christian school for 3rd grade, and public schools thereafter. Her parents divorced when she was in 3rd grade and her dad remarried when she was in 5th grade. She admits it was difficult to adjust to having a stepmother. Her father divorced again when she was in 7th grade. Beth's mother also remarried when she was in 5th grade and she has twin stepsisters that are like sisters, but not friends.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said more privileges. She doesn't have any fears about high school.

Lauren G. - diagnosed with a brain tumor

Lauren G. seemed to lead a golden life until diagnosed with a brain tumor. Having it removed her senior year; she finds out it was benign and not cancerous. She loves to dance, is on the drill team, in the concert choir, likes to act, and enjoys playing golf.

Her religion means a lot to her. Her greatest fear for high school is not keeping straight A grades, being late for class, and getting detention.

Courtney - tired of being the good girl

Courtney enjoys playing soccer, cheerleading, and reading. She considers herself creative and tries to be nice to everyone. She thinks she is often too hard on herself and expects too much.

Courtney is Catholic and says church is the most important thing to her. Her greatest fear for high school is it will be difficult to make friends at first and that people won't like her.

Kim - overachiever

Kim can be outgoing or shy, depending on which group of friends she is with. She plays soccer and her team recently won an International tournament in Minnesota where she was named MVP. She has never tried smoking or drinking.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said fun, boys, and meeting people. Her greatest fear is that she is still trying to figure out who she is while she is afraid everyone else already knows.

Cate - anorexic. wrist cutter.

Cate is a Christian who tries to use the Bible to control some of her actions. She has a twin sister and two stepsisters. She enjoys diving, cheerleading, and listening to music.

When asked what excites her most about high school, she said new friends and pushing herself to meet the new challenges. Her greatest fear is that high school won't accomplish what she wants as far as friends, sports, and grades.

Sarah T. - art geek. misfit.

Sarah T. has two sisters and lists babysitting, playing guitar, and drawing as her interests. She thinks she is good at drawing. She loves music, with Peter Yorn being her favorite artist. She loves watching Daria, Friends, and Smallville on television.

She doesn't have any fears about high school and identifies most closely with the punks, geeks, and those that don't care about groups.

Caitlin - the good girl

Caitlin finds her friends are very important. She thinks of herself as a risk taker, but cannot stay mad at anyone. She also says she tends to over exaggerate things, but overall loves her life.

Caitlin too is Catholic and says God is everything to her. She is most excited about meeting new people in high school.

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