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While some actors see soap operas as a dead end to a career, many still see it as the jumping point to better things. After all, people like Demi Moore, John Stamos, David Hasselhoff, Josh Duhamel, and Kelly Ripa all started out on soap operas.

So maybe that is the reason SOAPnet decided to broadcast its own version of the British reality show Soapstars. I Wanna Be a Soap Star, hosted by All My Children's Cameron Mathison (also currently on Dancing with the Stars), first premiered in October 2004. Twelve contestants compete through different acting challenges such as crying on camera, love scenes, and fight scenes and each episode, one faces elimination. What is the final prize? The winner gets a coveted role on a soap opera.

The first season, the contestants were competing to win a role on the long running soap opera General Hospital. They were judged by Debbi Morgan (daytime television actress), Mark Teschner (casting director for General Hospital), and Michael Bruno (an agent). The winner was Mykel Shannon-Jenkins. However, many people criticized I Wanna Be a Soap Star because Mykel's role, as police officer Byron Murphy, was barely more than an extra and was killed off in July 2005. Mykel has since gone on to appear in episodes of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: Miami, Ugly Betty, Saving Grace, Help Me Help You, and Charmed. He also appeared in the films Lucky You, Positive, and Family Curse.

Season two saw the contestants vying for a role on another long running ABC soap opera - All My Children. But this time, the producers of I Wanna Be a Soap Star promised a contract role on the soap. General Hospital casting director Mark Teschner was replaced by All My Children casting director Judy Blye Wilson. Unfortunately, the show was still criticized as being bland, even by the editor of the magazine Soap Opera Weekly. Alec Musser won the second season. He filled in the role of Del Henry, previously played by Winsor Harmon from 1994-1995. After playing his character for the thirteen-week contract, All My Children producers were so impressed with him that they signed him to a full-term contract.

Season three began in June 2006. The winner was given a contract with One Live to Live. Mikey Jerome won season three, but his contract was not renewed after the initial thirteen weeks. Another contestant on season three, BethAnn Bonner was offered a contract by One Life to Live to play Talia Sahid.

The fourth season premiered on August 14, 2007. This season, the winner will receive a thirteen-week contract with Days of Our Lives. The judges are Michael Bruno, Days of Our Lives star Mary Beth Evans, and Days of Our Lives head writer Hogan Sheffer. Remaining in the competition so far are Yves, Ashlee, Jimena, and Justin.

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