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"The Hills" is a MTV reality show that spun off from another reality show, "Laguna Beach." It shows the life of Lauren Conrad after she left her home in Laguna Beach, California.

Featured in the show is Lauren, who attends Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM). While she is pursing her education in fashion design, she interns for Teen Vogue. Joining her on the show is her best friend and roommate Audrina Partridge. Audrina works at Epic Records. Interning with Lauren at Teen Vogue (until she was promoted to Lauren's direct supervisor) was Whitney Port, who has since left and works at People's Revolution. Heidi Montag is Lauren's former roommate who works for Bolthouse Productions. Heidi and Lauren don't talk to each other anymore, due to Montag's relationship with Spencer Pratt, who Lauren doesn't like. Also included in the show are other friends, co-workers, and love interests including Jason Wahler, Stephen Colletti, Brody Jenner, Stephanie Pratt, Frankie Delgado, Justin "Bobby" Brescia, Jordan Eubanks, and Emily Weiss.

The Hills Season 3 Finale Photo

Season 3 (premiered August 2007)

The quarrel between Lauren and Heidi and Spencer intensified when a vicious rumor was spread. Heidi and Spencer blamed Brody, but he said they started the rumor. Lauren decided to cut off all ties with Heidi and turned to Brody for comfort. Spencer didn't like that and quit talking to Brody. Whitney struggled with her new position as the direct supervisor of all interns at Teen Vogue. Audrina got a promotion at work, but her relationship with Bobby ended when she caught him kissing another girl. Heidi was promoted too, but she and Spencer were disagreeing about the wedding plans. By the midseason finale, Heidi had decided to leave Spencer and go to Colorado. Teen Vogue offered Whitney and Lauren a trip to Paris, which they happily took. Lauren was unsure about her relationship with Brody and found out from Audrina that he was already seeing someone else. Whitney didn't like working in an office, so she accepted a position at People's Revolution. Spencer went to Colorado to try to win back Heidi, but she told him to move out of the apartment. He moved in with Stephanie, but then found out that Stephanie and Lauren had become fast friends after attending a class together. This prompted Heidi to renew her friendship with Audrina.

Season 2 (premiered in January 2007)

Lauren and Jason break up after she realizes it was a mistake to stay with him. She and Whitney find themselves competing against New York intern Emily, who occasionally visits Lost Angeles. Whitney and Emily interview for the same position in New York. Heidi begins dating Spencer Pratt, much to Lauren's dismay, but when Heidi learns Spencer is cheating on her, she ends the relationship. Spencer and Heidi eventually get back together and without her close friend, Lauren turns to Audrina for companionship. Despite knowing it might end her friendship with Lauren, Heidi agrees to move in with Spencer at the end of the season. In turn, Lauren invites Audrina to move in with her.

Season 1 (premiered in May 2006)

Season 1 started out with Lauren leaving Laguna Beach for Los Angeles. She met up with Heidi and both attended FIDM. Jason Wahler called Lauren and she decided to give him a second chance. Heidi realized she didn't want to work in fashion design, so she got a job at Bolthouse Productions, an event planning company. Heidi dated Jordan Eubanks, but that relationship eventually fizzled. Lauren turned down a summer internship in Paris to stay in LA with Jason. Whitney was offered an internship in New York, but once Lauren turned down the Paris internship, she jumped at the chance to get that one. Heidi and Audrina spend the summer single.

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