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"The Mole" is a reality show that began in Belgium in 1999. The format is that players compete in physical and mental challenges to build up a cash prize for the winner. Some of the challenges in the past have included tandem skydiving (if the player refuses to jump from the plane, the prize money is forfeited), hostage rescue (where one player is kidnapped and the other players must find and free him or her), riddle games, and three questions (in which the final three contestants must answer questions then use those questions to find a hidden contestant).

However, one is a "mole," a double agent who will try to sabotage the efforts of the group. He or she tries to act inconspicuous so his or her identity will not be revealed. Players keep notes of details that might reveal who the mole is in a journal. The end of each episode features a test of the players' knowledge of the mole. In the questions, the player is usually asked to identify the mole and information regarding him or her. The lowest scoring contestant (or slowest time if there is a tie) is eliminated.

"The Mole" premiered on ABC in January 2001 and will soon begin its fifth season. In 2003, there was an edition called "Celebrity Mole."

Season 5

Season 5 is scheduled to being on June 2, 2008. The new host will be Jon Kelley. The destination will be Chile.

Season 5 Contestants

Name Age Occupation Hometown Eliminated
Marcie31Stay-at-home MomCarona, CAWeek 1
Liz60RetiredWhitefish, MT 
Alex31MusicianHaverford, PA 
Craig30Grahic DesignerSan Diego, CA 
Ali24ModelSt. Louis, MO 
Bobby25Restaurant ManagerPhiladelphia, PA 
Mark42High School HIstory Teacher/Soccer CoachMukwonago, WI 
Nicole32OBGYN DoctorChicago, IL 
Clay32Criminal Litigation AttorneyPhiladelphia, PA 
Kristen35NeuroscientistSanta Monica, CA 
Paul29Utility WorkerYonkers, NY 
Victoria26Retail ManagerBishop, TX 

The Mole Recaps

Episode 2 of the Mole: Liz is Executed
Posted: 11 Jun 2008
The first mission on Episode 2 of the Mole was located in Santiago Chile. The mission was a race to the summit. The contestants were broken down into 2 teams. The first team was named “goal oriented” and consisted of Alex, Ali, Clay, Bobby, Liz, Victoria, Craig, Nicole and Paul. The second team was called […]

Season 5 of the Mole, Marcie is eliminated
Posted: 2 Jun 2008
Ironically the person first chosen as the potential mole was the person eliminated on the show. Marcie a stay at home mom from California was eliminated on the first episode of Season 5 of the Mole. This show opened up this evening with Marcie being chosen as the most likely to be the mole and […]

Season 4

Season 4 was a celebrity mole also hosted by Ahmad Rashad. The only destination for this season was Mexico. Supermodel Angie Everhart was the mole. The winner of the $222,000 was former NBA star Dennis Rodman with comedian/actor Mark Curry coming in second.

Season 3

Season 3 was a celebrity mole hosted by Ahmad Rashad. The only destination for this season was the U.S. Supermodel Frederique Van Der Wal was the mole. The winner of $233,000 was comedian Kathy Griffin with actor Erik von Detten coming in second.

Season 2

Season 2 was also hosted by Anderson Cooper. The destinations the constants went to were Switzerland and Italy. The mole was Bill McDaniel. The winner $636,000 was Dorothy Hui with Heather Campbell coming in second.

Season 1

Season 1 was hosted by Anderson Cooper. The destinations the contestants went to were the U.S., France, Monaco, and Spain. The mole was Kathryn Price. The winner of $510,000 was Steven Cowles with Jim Morrison coming in second.

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