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Work Out is a reality show that airs on the Bravo television network. The show stars Jackie Warner, who owns a gym/spa in Beverly Hills. Many trainers appear on the show, and it also deals with Warner's personal life, and her bond with Mimi, who was her girlfriend during the time the show aired. Unlike many reality shows, this one does not deal with contestants or prizes. It follows a format which is similar to The Real World or The Surreal Life. The show basically deals with the day to day issues of Jackie, and it shows the drama that she goes through to maintain her business. Critics of the show have reacted by calling Jackie the "dragon lady of the series." Some also felt that her personality was twisted, even by reality television standards

Jacke has always shown an entrepreneurial spirit. Before starting the Sky Sport and Spa, she was also the founder of a cell phone company, which she co-owned. By the time she reached the age of 22, the cell phone company was one of the most prominent in Southern California. She has also worked as a model and an actress. Like many shows on the Bravo Network, Work Out features individuals from all lifestyles.

Season One of Work Out

Throughout the show, personal issues also occur between Jackie and her trainers. Jackie chooses a group of six people to operate her business, which is called Skylab. Skylab is a exercise program that is geared towards clients who are obese. During this season, Jackie ends her relationship with Mimi, and she flirts with Rebecca. Doug and Jesse, who are trainers, assist their friends in battling cancer.

Season Two of Work Out

The seacond season of the show was first aired in March of 2007. The show has continued the same format as the first, following Jackie as she deals with issues in her personal life, the people in her life (such as Rebecca Cardon), as well as the launch of her new business. Greg Butler also appears in this season as a trainer.

Latest Work Out Recaps on Reality TV

Jackie please focus on working out
Posted: 1 Aug 2006
It’s still hot here, still nothing to do but watch the newest episode of Work Out (yawn).  Now I understand that Bravo is a very gay friendly channel (which I have absolutely no problem with as I am watching it).  My problem is that this show seems to be more about a lesbian relationship than […]

Episode 2 of Work Out
Posted: 1 Aug 2006
It’s tuesday evening and 100 degrees outside – too hot for much of anything. What can I do in the air conditioned comfort of my home?  Watch tv.  Being a self serving individual I thought I’d look for a reality tv show to write about for my blog.  I see that Work Out is on […]

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